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Madison, WI Capitol
Madison, WI Capitol


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Boise, ID Capitol
Boise, ID Capitol



Despite the 'Build Back Better' moniker things seem to be getting worse for a dark winter. Inflation and rising gas prices are hitting us due to reckless spending and constriction upon the oil industry. Not much has gone right in foreign policy while Russia and China act as provocateurs over Taiwan, Ukraine and Belarus at a time when there is a loss of world confidence in the U.S. after the hasty Afghanistan retreat. The administration appears at least tacit to the labeling of parents engaging school boards over CRT as threats or in some circles possibly as "domestic terrorists". How have we descended so far in less than a year?...........

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The Commonwealth Party: A Home For Avant-Garde Conservatives & Classical Liberals Establishing The Principles Of Reservist Political Philosophy And Building The Commonwealth State.

Capitol at Raleigh, NC
Raleigh, NC Capitol

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Are you tired of...

  • Corporate welfare and government subsidizing of flawed business practices?
  • Bureaucrats denying the poor the means to advance while stealing from the wealthy?
  • Factions and politicians taking away your financial and individual rights?
  • Environmental negligence and extremism?
  • Government waste and mismanagement?
  • Big government prone to undue special interests influencing?
  • High taxes?
  • Government intrusion?
  • An omni-oppressing drug war?
  • The policies of the welfare state?
  • Social(ist) programs that don't work?
  • Inhumane abortion policies?
  • Parties and representatives that don't represent you?
  • Rigged ballots, canned debates and the campaign monopolies?

Then the Commonwealth Party is the party for you!

Our Flags

Flag of the United States of America Flag of the American Commonwealth Republics

If you believe in the originally intended principles and country that the first flag has stood for, then now is the time to begin rallying around the second flag in order to restore those virtues. We have reached the point where the powers that be and the two-party stranglehold have eradicated true constitutional government. We are under this coup d'etat which has also made the ballot box ineffective -- instead it functions merely as a virtual rubberstamp of their stay in power. You must embrace a new symbol and name for the national identity in order to separate from and confront the occupying force which has commandeered your original country and flag.


Our Campaigns

When we run for office in the Commonwealth Party, we won't waste time and money trying to get on the rigged ballot as an official party -- usually the system is against that. What we will do is get independents to run who will identify themselves as Commonwealth candidates and reference this site in their campaigns. Thus our resources will be more channeled towards the victory of independent, grassroots or write-in Commonwealth candidates. Even if the ballot is closed to your run, do a campaign anyway to bring to light the issue of the rigged election system in your community and inspire the voters to consider other choices besides the Democrat-Republican party.

Voters: Quit defaulting to the lesser of two evils! Start advancing constitutional, outsider candidates in the primaries! Waiting just before the general election is too late and that is why we end up with career establishmentarians in office who provide little change.



Indie Candidates Wanted
To Defeat
The Bankrupting Politicians!

Commonwealth Party Overview

The Commonwealth Party is a party that favors limited government, regional/local autonomy and opposes government oppressions such as: over taxation, prohibition drug policy, overregulation in business, government waste and mismanagement, the policies of the welfare state and the over use of government.

We believe in protecting individual rights through legislation and policies that balance the rights of the individual and the individual rights of all citizens en masse.

We favor addressing societal issues utilizing new and innovative ways such as consumer action, market demand and charitable trusts instead of always resorting solely to government action and legislation.

We are a party that supports representative constitutional republics, free markets and we consider the power and vulnerabilities of both to address the issues in a balanced fashion.

We will govern under and in accordance with the principles contained in the Constitution of the United States.

Our style of governing is geared by looking at all the aforementioned principles and applying them in a way that best serves and preserves the interests of a free and self-determining people.

How We Differ

REPUBLICANS: The Republican Party claims to be a party of smaller government and low taxes and fiscal responsibility but this is definitely not the case. To be competitive within the two-party stranglehold, Republicans embrace big government and pork to please various factions in order to stay in power. They offer the voter similar social programs that Democrats bribe their constituents with. The Republicans are the more mercantilist of the two parties and get support from the moralist and religious strains of society. Some Republicans want to use the government to enforce their moral, religious and patriotic authoritarian views on the personal habits and lifestyles of citizens. Republicans have no true intention of instituting a truly free market place, of preserving personal freedoms nor practicing constitutional rule. They abandon our border security and certain of our citizen rights while saying that's what our troops are fighting for overseas. The GOP is rightly or wrongly perceived as plutocrats & country clubbers. They constantly fail to fight for reform despite having had a majority. Brittle weak Republicans fear substantial change to the status quo.

They are the draconians who gleefully support the war on drugs which exacerbates the problem and the unintended consequences like higher black market profits for narco and Islamofascist terrorists. The destruction of the opium and coca cash crops in Afghanistan and Latin/South America causes resentment from the simple war-torn peasants trying to make a livelihood who will consequently give cooperation to the enemy. This type of meddling undermines any just causes we have for being there. At home, we suffer the Republican malignancy of our trampled rights by their abusive, police-state tactics in the name of ending all drug use which is tactically impossible and unnecessary in a free, tolerant country of personal liberation. Note especially the former Nixon, Reagan and Bush administrations' crackdowns which in effect disproportionately impacted minorities and blindly persecuted medically valid medical marijuanna users caught in the dragnet who simply wanted to medicate themselves from the ravages of chemotherapy and other ailments. Why would tolerant people in this regard bother to vote Republican? Probably because in the two-party entrapment it is easier to hide drugs from the intrusive Republicans than one's paycheck from the Democrats.

DEMOCRATS: Democrats are the Marxist wing of the two-party system and masquerade as restorative challengers to restrictive social impositions of government and society. They also embellish themselves as the sole defenders of civil rights and the harbingers of social justice. In fact, what they mainly do is institute theft by confiscating earned income and redistributing it inefficiently or ineffectively to those who are unwilling to be self-sufficient or to those who have been indoctrinated into submission and dependency on government social programs -- thus ensuring a considerable mass of bribed or intimidated voters for Democrats. These methods are further used in the arenas of racial scapegoating, anti-corporate theatrics and parasitic business overregulation. Though they act as the defender of the common citizen, they themselves* are more involved in questionable business deals, corruption, fraud, trickery, racial bias, impoverishing the masses and tyranny over the individual all through government immunity. Democrats are sympathetic to the questionable antics of trial lawyers and union thugs. Despite supporting or initiating brazen military campaigns, they ultimately pursue a paper-tiger foreign policy which encourages the enemy to hold out and continue to fight us. In a war notable Democrats approved, the Democrats are abandoning victory and creating a quagmire via appeasement talks, military cuts, softened interrogation, attempted transition of military tribunals to civil courts and just plain lack of focus or inconsistencies. Their governing policies are blatantly anti-constitutional while using sublime rhetoric or loud demagoguery to dupe unknowing citizens to the contrary. They pride their cleverness in constantly twisting lies to resemble the truth.

* {i.e. cash-in-freezer William Jefferson, Valerie Plame's Joe Wilson, cop-slapping Cynthia McKinney, secret-documents-in-pants Sandy Berger, former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin, Duke lacrosse prosecutor Mike Nifong, former New York governor/prosecutor/john Elliot Spitzer, former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, riot and Tawana Brawley promoter Al Sharpton, former Senator Al Franken, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the late KKK alum Sen. Robert Byrd WV, scholarship scandal representative Eddie Bernice Johnson TX, impeached Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, race card loons Sheila Jackson Lee TX & Maxine Waters CA, luxurious green-schemer Al Gore, hacker-backer & primary-rigger former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, smashed hard drives Hillary Clinton, recall governor Gavin Newsom CA, COVID-Cuomo NY governor, rotting Big Apple's mayor Bill de Blasio, Urban Quagmire mayors: Jenny Durkan, Seattle - Ted Wheeler, Portland - Lori Lightfoot, Chicago - Brandon M. Scott, Baltimore..........}

GREENS: The Green's main focus appears to be saving the environment and protecting the masses against the ravages of big business. Yet in actuality, the Green's radical environmental plans are built on shaky evidence and their designs for the economy would bring a communist-inspired economic implosion. Their imperative is to progressively barrage business capital for the cause of living wages, 'corporate responsibility', secure living standards and negative income tax for society's co-dependents. This would be done to distribute resources for the 'right' to food, housing, medical care and education. They call for a RADICAL PARADIGM SHIFT in order to "restrict the accumulation of excessive individual wealth". This is something Marx and Lenin would envision and would bring us to the state of economic collapse that the former Soviet Union experienced and which Cuba and various socialist African nations enjoy today. Harsh restrictions on industry would be justified of course by the impending environmental disasters that the Green movement warns about, but little true scientific justification exists for such radical change -- especially when it is utilized by the ecoMarxists. While they may address some true environmental concerns and social freedoms and civil justice, their system as a whole would result in tyranny and economic disaster despite their well-intentioned altruisms. Note too, that socialist/communist countries throughout the world have some of the worst environmental records and human squalor.

To be fair, there are actually two Green parties -- one more extreme than the other. If a candidate or faction arises that is more free-market friendly and pursues only applicable environmental concerns more so at the local and regional levels, then there is a more desirable third-party Green movement. Desirability increases if they pursue a centrist to reasonably strong defensive foreign policy, personable social policy based on individual responsibility and originalist constitutional intents mixed with their current human rights concerns and opposition to the drug war. Invoking such a movement that realizes that only adequate government - not social programs government - will allow for a cleaner environment and enable the masses to bring about the commerce that will sustain their needs. Such a pro-business, pro personal property rights Green faction would be more attractive as an alternative.

REFORM: In its first incarnation, the Reform Party did capture the imagination of the American electorate desperate for something else than the usual two-party fare. While substantial reforms were touted, the Reform movement had no solid constitutional approach to governing. It still accepts unconstitutional programs like Medicare and Social Security (in reformation) and seeks to abolish the electoral college. After power struggles and implosion, the party was captured by more right and theocratic forces that too could be susceptible to using overbearing government on some issues. The various reforms and shifts of the party are more populist in nature and can not adequately guarantee a real adherence to a constitutionally limited government. Still, they do have good ideas and with their penchant for proper change certain forces within the party could be considered assets in heading towards a generally reservist government.

CONSTITUTION PARTY: While this party has had a past suspect to instilling theocracy, some of their later planks more emphasize fulfilling the constraints of constitutional governance. There is nothing wrong with a party or its candidates giving credit to God or to the Judeo-Chrisitian ethic but by past incarnation of the party and processing some of their stances today, one cannot be blamed for taking into consideration that this party may still have a theocratic bent on some issues. Their plank at last check advocated for drug prohibition but they do advocate removal of federal involvement in domestic drug enforcement and want to protect against unreasonable searches, seizures and asset forfeiture plus investigating unconstitutional practices of the DEA. Their 2016 presidential candidate Darrell Castle who was edorsed by the Commonwealth said he personally favored decriminalization of drugs. The party does however wish to enforce laws against obscenity and the 'proliferation of the pornography and sexually oriented business industries'. While the party's stances are generally for increasing freedom of the citizen, in some areas a religious authoritarianism may still be suspect under the Constitution Party. Laid-back members who adhere more towards personal religious freedom in the political arena are more preferable to those advocating for policing against vice. They can still be 'fishers of men' sharing their faith while letting God sort everyone else out. Then there would be less resentment towards their message. This is how they should share in a coalition government. It's the best approach since only the individual can truly repent on their own accord and only God can run a Theocracy!

INDEPENDENCE PARTY: The Independence Party was notably membered by Jesse Ventura who used to associate with the Reform Party. The Independence Party too dabbled with some populist proposals that would not bring true constitutionally limited government nor eliminate government involvement in the economy ( i.e. ensuring high-speed internet access across Minnesota and public support of certain agricultural products ). The party platform though innovative, is a platform determined of populist degrees more so than principles. After Ventura won office, he reneged on cutting taxes. Still, they call for important improvements and seem genuinely interested in preserving America and solving problems. Today it is a loose collection of a few state parties.

WHIG: Today's Modern Whig Party applies itself generally as a pragmatic, centrist party emphasizing methodology over ideology and focuses on administrative ethics instead of issues concerning personal morality. Their declared virtues are independent thought, merit and integrity. Federalism and state sovereignty are advocated.

There are good parts to their platform like non-partisan redistricting, term limits, electoral reform and they have their own in-house support organization -- Veteran Affairs Advocacy. However, not all planks are constitutionally relevant or sound. Cases in point: According to a previous visit to their site they did oppose racial affirmative action but talked of applying such by income level. They desired a campaign finance reform through public subsidization of political media time. The electoral college would be proportional to population only or abolished altogether. Hate crime classifications would apply to assaults on homosexuals. Illegal aliens would be conscripted as a condition towards citizenship, but while innovative that facilitates a conditional amnesty. More recently, their platform seeks to only simplify and reduce the income tax code burden while considering other sources of untapped revenue instead of explicitly calling for a flat or FairTax. They have fallen for the global warming agenda that blames man's fossil fuel activities and they advocate some form of government-centric health care.

Hopefully when engaged with reason by the electorate they could function as an acceptable centrist party in the more purple constituencies.

LIBERTARIAN: The Libertarian Party is perhaps the most sincere about adhering to constitutionally limited government and they deserve much credit for their advocacy of civic freedom and economic reason. However, some factions within constrain it as a more permanent Burning Man debate-society rather than a viable option to the two-party state. This leaves potential voters concerned that the party would not retain some of the systematic orders and safeguards in our governing infrastructures that keep the order of freedom intact. For example, the overemphasis of the 'right' to immigrate, the aversion to pre-emptive strikes and perhaps unchecked trade with adversarial nations makes the Libertarian system an easier target for insurgent invasion, enemy attack or subjection to hostile foreign forces that are strengthened by trade with the domestic economy. Note too, their plank has had some good proposals for border control yet it was quoted: 'Repeal all measures that punish employers for hiring undocumented workers.' All of this can come about even though the constitution has not been violated. What is needed is to keep check on these scenarios while still following the constitution. They would serve as an ideal part of a coalition government if properly mixed with other officeholders for oversight on some issues or through favoring the election of other Libertarian factions for office.

OTHER PARTIES: To investigate and compare even more parties, visit Politics1 for party listings and descriptions. They also have election coverage for all states with candidate listings and a wealth of other election information.

Despite our differences with the other third parties and with appreciation for our similarities, we encourage you to begin exploring them and selecting from them an amalgamation of candidates who will best construct a reservist government.

We look forward to debating and competing with them and even governing with them when America one day embraces multi-party elections and has vanquished Republican and Democrat tyranny.

.....Do you like the reasoning you have been exposed to so far? To greater your understanding of the Commonwealth Party, introduce yourself to the party's stance on the specific issues listed below. Hyperlinks following certain topics will bring up a web page that further describes the stance of the party on those issues.

Commonwealth Party Planks:

  • CONSTITUTION: Commonwealths support a domestic system of government and policies that abide by and fulfill the Constitution of the United States.

  • APPROACH TO GOVERNING: The Commonwealth Party is a party that advocates smaller government and favors allocating the distribution of power towards local and regional rule. Indepth.

  • FEDERAL STRENGTH: Even though we believe that federal government should be smaller, lean and efficient; we still want a federal government that is strong within constitutional bounds. Indepth.

  • BEYOND GOVERNMENT: Instead of only relying on acting through legislation and branches of the government, the Commonwealth Party will affect change fairly through other venues such as consumer action, education, market demand, community opinion, social/cultural fabric, leadership example, bully pulpits and charitable action. Indepth.

  • INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS: The Commonwealth Party is a party of preserving and defending individual rights and private ownership. Indepth.

  • RELIGION: Commonwealths defend the rights of citizens to practice their religion in accordance with the Constitution and resist the official establishment or prohibition of any religion in accordance with the Constitution. Indepth.

  • 2ND AMENDMENT: The Commonwealth Party supports the 2nd Amendment right of the populace to keep and bear arms. The Commonwealth Party does not support laws that categorically ban guns but does support appropriate, common sense, civil and criminal liabilities upon gun sellers and gun owners that do not unduly transfer blame upon them. Indepth.

  • TAXES: Our country began as a revolt against high, oppressive taxes and Commonwealths intend to continue in that tradition by eliminating high, abusive tax rates. We endorse the FairTax. Indepth.

  • BORDERS: National borders will be better secured with armed troops and even walls if necessary. The border may never be 100% unpermeable, but it should not be so easy for illegals, criminals, terrorists, WMDs and cranky tourists to penetrate.

  • SILVER/GOLD CURRENCY: A currency that is backed by silver, gold or other commodities will be returned to as directed in the Constitution. The un-backed paper money we have today is an 'I.O.U.' from bankrupting politicians. Federal Reserve Notes are akin to credit card cash advances perpetually indebting the nation and world. Politicians and predatory banksters cannot 'cook the books' as effectively with a gold or silver currency keeping check. Indepth.

  • ELECTORAL COLLEGE: We support the preservation of the electoral college while considering revamping it at state level to more closely resemble the congressional House and Senate compromise. Indepth.

  • DISCRIMINATION: Minorities should have the same inalienable rights and enjoy the same general privileges as the rest of society. Accordingly, affirmative action and racial quotas will be eliminated allowing minorities to experience the same privilege of merit-based performance compensation that the majority society enjoys and competes for. Only when an organized or de facto embargo exists upon some faction of the community will action be taken without resorting solely to government. Indepth.

  • COMMON LANGUAGE: English will be declared as the official language. Having one official language will best enable opportunity for all and save the populace from confusion, hazard and added expense.

  • CORPORATE WELFARE & GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIZATION: The practice of corporate welfare and the government subsidization of poor business practices for the purposes of comforting private enterprise or propping up unfruitful industries at the expense of the taxpayer will be abolished.

  • OVERHAUL JUSTICE SYSTEM: The Commonwealth Party seeks to overhaul the justice system by supporting methods and resources to ensure that defendants get quick and speedy, accurate due process. Indepth.

  • PRISON REFORM: The Commonwealth Party will reform the prison system into an institution of rehabilitation and stern discipline instead of just a flat program of non-constructive and inhumane punishment. Indepth.

  • THE MENTALLY ILL: The Commonwealth Party will also support the better housing and/or sequestering of the mentally ill who cannot support themselves and/or put themselves and society in danger. Indepth.

  • EMINENT DOMAIN ABUSE: Corporations should not be able to take possession of private lands or property simply to profit or to furnish better tax revenue for the government. Eminent domain should be used sparingly for necessary military and civic infrastructures with proper compensation.

  • IMMIGRATION: Absolutely no more amnesties for illegal aliens. Instead, those applying for legal immigration will be given precedence and their waits reduced. Proper background checks will be performed and productive, assimilable immigrants admitted.

  • PETROLEUM POLICY: We want to lessen the cost of oil for the consumer and the reliance on foreign sources. Drilling for domestic oil will help prevent the financing of terrorist states overseas and provide incentive for environmental oversight while tapping black gold in our own backyard. Indepth.

  • ABORTION: The Commonwealth Party seeks to abolish all inhumane abortion procedures. We seek to abolish partial-birth abortions, medically unfounded latter and late-term abortions. Policies to discourage and lessen abortion in general pursued. However, no all-encompassing draconian legislation against all abortions in all cases will be decreed though humane considerations and alternatives will be kept. Indepth.

  • ATTORNEY GENERAL SEPARATE SELECTION: Removing Attorney General as a presidential appointee and from need of senatorial approval will better insulate against any appearance, temptation or fruition of an Attorney General selectively prosecuting law in bias for partisan, political or administration concerns. Indepth.

  • APPOINTMENT OF JUDICIAL OFFICIALS: All judicial officials such as judges, attorney generals, clerks of court are to be appointed by the executive and/or legislative branches, hired/nominated by or promoted from within the judicial system or selected by an associated body of law enforcement as opposed to being popularly elected. Indepth.

  • ALTERNATING SELECTION LAW ENFORCEMENT: Because law enforcement has such direct contact with the populace while carrying the ability to use force upon the people, this alternating cycle of appointment and popular election of the law enforcement heads will incur some checks and balances to both popular and institutional biases. Indepth.

  • ANTI-GERRYMANDERING: As many districts as possible shall strive to be convex thus eliminating snaky or jigsaw-puzzle districts within the core of states or counties where some exception is made for border districts and about natural obstacles. Indepth.

  • EXPULSION: When a state becomes unmanageable and violates the federal pact enough in frequency or degree then the House (by 2/3) and half of all state legislatures approving invokes the expulsion process of that state from the Union. Indepth.

  • BILL TEXT PROTOCOLS: All bills shall be limited to a certain number of pages with a standard size for their particular fonts and/or a limitation on the text of a bill to a certain number of words or characters. Indepth.

  • NATO TO NAMTO: In light of all this we would convert NATO into a more informal and flexible NAMTO - the North Atlantic Military Training Organization. Indepth.

  • FEDERAL LANDS: Since the federal government has amassed way too much land, then except for D.C. all other federal land accumulations by purchase or lease are subject to reduction. Indepth.

  • OFFICEHOLDER RESIDENCY: Because of the recent radical propositions concerning open borders, amnesties and mass migrations we hereby suggest these just and reactionary parameters to better acclimate potential officeholders who are naturalized citizens. Indepth.

  • IMPEACHMENT GRAND JURIES: In order to protect against frivolous impeachments based on mere partisan, political, establishment or other undue interests -- all impeachments can only be invoked in the Senate after some grand jury concurs that the particular charge(s) have merit. Indepth.

War Memorial - Raleigh, NC
Capitol War Memorial - Raleigh, NC

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  • GENDER TRANSPARENCY: When mutually engaging in short or long-term, casual or serious, romantic or physical dating and relationships - no one may misrepresent their congenital birth sex. Indepth.

  • VICE: There will be no laws prohibiting vice such as prostitution, drugs or gambling. Indepth.

  • BATHROOM ACCESS: Private and independent entities will determine their own bathroom assignment policies concerning binary & non-binary users or whether to have traditional or unisex or single use bathrooms, etc. Indepth.

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  • MINIMUM WAGE: Government shall have no power to tell any employer what they must pay their employees. Indepth.

  • POSTAL PRIVATIZATION: As Japan privatized their postal system -- a system that already piggybacked with banking and insurance services -- we propose somewhat similar but while making a combination newsprint-postal industry. Indepth.

  • BALLOT CAPS: Limiting the number of publicly elected office positions allows voters to better focus on the core races to get a more exact government in place - carrying out voters' overall intent and doing same in the appointment of all remaining offices. Indepth.

  • TERM, FALLOW PERIOD AND TIME ACCRUAL LIMITS: Limits will subdue the accumulation of careerist perks and lessen the incentives of those seeking the goodies of long-established political positions over everything else. It will be more likely that voters will have greater focus on the passing batons of policies and ideas amongst a higher refresh rate of officeholders than the current mesmerization by the status quo's established cult of personalities. Indepth.

  • DRUGS: The Commonwealth Party supports decriminalization of drug use and possession. Indepth. Although we call for the decriminalization of drugs, this is not to say that we have no drug policy. Indepth. We do support medical marijuana just as we support medical morphine or medical OxyCotin. No plans to outlaw all hospital drugs that give patients a buzz, whereas anti-drug warlords would have to do so just to have an honest argument. See: DrugSense, Law Enforcement Action Partnership

  • HOMOSEXUAL RIGHTS: We will preserve the individual rights of homosexuals that are granted to everyone else in our society. However, homosexuals will not be granted any special rights or considerations above any other groups. Same-sex marriage not officially recognized nationally like marriage until constitutional amendment or all states compact since the word 'marriage' was legally defined as one man and one woman beforehand. Further, we advocate the end of licensing marriages (or unions) and see such declarations a matter of contractual law with common law applications. Contracts are to be established by religious, civic, familial or individual institutions. Indepth.

  • HATE CRIMES: No special laws or special judicial proceeding will be applied to crimes categorized as hate crimes, lest the emotion of hate becomes criminal and our jails overflow. Instead, the hateful actions themselves should be criminal. Indepth.

  • CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM: McCain-Feingold was bogus and unconstitutional. Instead of suppressing private funding of campaigns and 1st Amendment free speech, the Commonwealth Party will eliminate state funding of the campaigns of the two-party regime.

  • OPEN BALLOTS: Ballot access requirements should be liberalized enough to provide more choice, allow for write-in candidates but be short of too much dilution. Primaries, campaign funding and the election system should provide more open and equitable channeling towards a final majority victor as opposed to the current system. Tangible paper trails should be part of the vote counting process. America should possess a more varied political choice like other multi-party nations. See: Coalition for Free and Open Elections

  • RANGE VOTING: We endorse range voting, a voting system used in Olympic competitions. Everyone can express their opinion about all candidates by rating each on a scale without having to worry about impeding their favorite one or "wasting" votes on underdogs. It encourages more honest results, protects against exaggerations and chooses the overall best candidate. See: Center for Range Voting

  • INDUSTRIAL HEMP: There is no valid reason to outlaw the cultivation of hemp. Hemp has many economic, industrial and environmental advantages. The founders encouraged hemp cultivation. We will consider printing our future commodity-backed currency on it or a combination / hybrid of hemp-polymer notes. See:

  • ENVIRONMENT: Commonwealth environmental policy will focus on up-front issues that are not theoretical in nature but can have more of an immediate impact and thus preserve environmental integrity for everyone. Indepth. However, we will not unduly shut down or unduly infringe upon valid industries or make ridiculous regulations in the name of environmental extremism. Indepth.

  • FOREIGN & DOMESTIC INITIATIVE: Our party advocates representative republics under constitutional rule (or similar) that function like a commonwealth. We promote capitalist, free-enterprise economic systems both at home and abroad.

  • EXPANSIONIST POLICY: The Commonwealth Party is an expansionist party that seeks to expand the borders and territory of the United States through peaceful means -- namely non-coercive purchases of foreign or foreign-controlled lands that may be beneficial to the U.S. strategically or economically. Indepth.

  • CLOSE RESERVATIONS: Some sort of Homestead Act or tax amnesty should be given to Native Americans who have been ravaged by the reservation system. Reparations considered and implemented in such a way as to enable them to function as self-sufficient citizens.

  • VETERAN COMPENSATION: Better funding and support of military personnel and veterans should be a top priority. Disabled veterans should get much better compensation than they do now. Enact proper acknowledgment and treatment of Gulf War syndrome and the like. We favor coverage of pertinent veteran & active duty health care at private facilities where possible.

  • ISLAMIC LAW: Commonwealths will speak out and stand against the establishment of Sharia or Islamic Law within our home territories. Any threat of force to establish such order will be dealt with as a conspiracy to insurrection and will be dealt with by whatever force is deemed necessary.

  • TERRORISM: Acts of terrorism on the Commonwealth will be answered with great retaliation. Sources of such acts will be hunted down and killed. Pre-emptive strikes on groups that plan, resource and harbor future attacks will be carried out. Unholy defilement of particular lands or of the participants to terrorism will be utilized as weapon or deterrent. Nations that supply and cooperate with pertinent terrorist groups are subject to attack by the Commonwealth.

  • SECESSION: In the interests of preserving a union that fulfills the principles of the Constitution, the Commonwealth Party will support states and territories should they secede in order to recapture those Constitutional rights and freedoms. Indepth.

  • NUCLEAR POWER: We support nuclear power as the best means to meet today's power demands and surprisingly the best method regarding environmental impact. How so? Follow the link to find out..... Indepth.

  • NUDE BEACHES: Though a toy issue for the party, Commonwealths nonetheless will support the categorization of beaches or parks or land for topless or nude swimming, sunbathing, colonies, etc. where there is adequate demand. We ask an open question: On what grounds are laws against nudity? Should Europeans or Brazilians be freer than us in this regard? We look to your reasoned debate for delineation. See: American Association for Nude Recreation

  • FREER TRADE: We support free trade where possible making exception to situations where hostile governments use the fruits of free trade as a means of exploitation of any peoples or factions in question or use it to breach or undermine the security of our nation. In some cases, this may only pertain to a specific area of trade or to a particular type of industry.

  • CAPITAL PUNISHMENT: The Commonwealth Party supports capital punishment for applicable crimes but we also support any moratoriums on its practice in places where it has been shown to be unfairly and inaccurately administered. Indepth.

  • CORPORAL PUNISHMENT: The Commonwealth Party supports the application of corporal punishment for certain crimes and certain types of offenders. Indepth.

  • EDUCATION: Education and appropriate proportions of its funding should be given back to the control of local communities and the parents. Indepth.

  • METRIC SYSTEM STANDARD: It's absurd to chastize a presidential candidate over supporting the switch to the metric system while colleagues seriously put forth crackpot ideas like: universal basic income, democratic socialism, defunding police, printing trillions of dollars in debt and solidarity to the Cuban regime. Yet switching to the metric system is just so unreasonable? Hogwash! So it is time without excuse to adopt the metric system as the standard system of measurement for all regulation and commerce. See: US Metric Association

  • SPACE EXPLORATION: Endorsement and promotion of privatized space exploration that brings a return in the form of space manufacturing, mineral prospecting and new technologies from research and development will be pursued. Remote robotic mining and construction will be key means to those goals. We will weaponize space. See: Ansari X Prize

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  • Browne Plan: Financial author and 2000 third-party presidential candidate Harry Browne wrote excellent expositions of the unconstitutional, crooked and inefficient programs the government has run. To provide more information, we link you to his bio and bibliography:

Indian Statue - Museum Of History @ Raleigh, NC


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